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Hatcher Garden & Woodland Preserve

Who We Are

The mission of Hatcher Garden & Woodland Preserve is to provide a place where the public can come for inspiration, enjoyment and education through the study of nature. Our botanical garden aspires to be recognized regionally and indeed nationally, as a model and premier source of environmental education for children and adults and a haven of peace and beauty for the community and tourists alike. Hatcher Garden & Woodland Preserve, a free botanical garden open daily in the heart of Spartanburg, has been nurtured for over 50 years by the community. This free public garden is truly remarkable because it began as one man's backyard garden which he enlarged over time, restoring eroded cotton fields behind his home to create his vision of a woodland garden. Harold Hatcher and his wife Josephine cultivated and expanded the garden, welcoming the public to visit, and as the garden grew, community volunteers of all ages became part of their dream, helping them to realize their vision. The Hatchers' work continued into the 1980s, and in 1987, when he was almost 80 years old, Hatcher gave the 10-acre garden permanent protection by donating it to the Spartanburg County Foundation for the benefit of the community. The Garden stands as a testament to the power of partnerships and to the integrity of the Hatchers' vision and the community that nurtured it. Hatcher Garden & Woodland Preserve strives to develop new community partnerships and offer new services to meet the needs of children, families and seniors, especially those mobility challenged, improving their quality of life.

What We Do

The 12-acre garden features wheelchair accessible paths that wind through an urban woodland with rushing stream, waterfall and cypress pond. A butterfly garden, perennial garden, hosta garden, conifer collection, wildflower garden and Water Wise Demonstration Garden complement the more than 10,000 trees and shrubs that make up the woodland greenspace. With multiple connecting paved paths offering a shaded full mile of walkways with creeks, ponds and a cascading waterfall provided by a recycling pond system, and benches for restful relaxation along the paths, Hatcher Garden provides a peaceful and tranquil "escape" within the city limits for reflection and respite. Educational programs and activities in the study of nature are offered for all ages from school children to seniors.


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